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Beside the ordinary Masses for the dead, in our Order we celebrate and offer what is called “TOLENTINE'S SEPTENARY OF MASSES FOR THE HOLY SOULS” for people who request it, that is, SEVEN CONSECUTIVE MASSES CELEBRATED FOR THE RELEASE OF A HOLY SOUL IN PURGATORY following the example of SAINT NICHOLAS OF TOLENTINE. Here you can offer an stipend to our priests as alms for their maintenance, asking them to apply during a week a daily Mass for the deceased faithful you desire. (Remember that the stipend is NOT GIVEN AS A PRICE for the Eucharistic Sacrifice. Sorry if below appears the expression "price"; it is because the system does not permit to change it)Read More

  • Category: MASSES for the DEAD
  • Service Duration: 25 Minutes
  • Address: St. Rita's College, Ottery Moor Lane, Honiton, UK (Map)
  • Price:£70