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 DAY BOOKINGS (Centre Ground floor: Conference and meeting room; conservatory and chapel)

WEEKENDS (minimum 20 people; under 20 will be considered)

  • Full day (9 am - 5 pm): 

£ 180 (conference and meeting room) + £ 8 - £ 18 per person (Catering and meal service)


Without Catering Service: (individuals can bring their own packed lunch but use of external catering services are not allowed)

  • Full day (9 am - 5 pm): £ 180 + £ 1 per person
  • Half day (morning - afternoon - evening): £ 100 + £ 1 per person

With Catering Service

  • Full day (9am - 5pm): £180 + £ 8 - £ 18 per person (Catering and meal service). 
  • Half day (morning - afternoon - evening): £100 + £8 - £ 18 per person (Catering and meal service)


  • We offer accommodation and facilities for many types of functions and groups
  • You can decide on the layout of the Conference room that would suit your needs: typical theatre style seating with top table or a circular seating arrangement allowing for easy debate, or for small discussion groups of 5 or 6 with a table each group.  Whichever design you choose our staff will be happy to help you with the layout.  All our seating is padded for your ease and comfort. It can accommodate up to 80 guests.
  • Tea and coffee facilities are available throughout the day in our reception lounge (meeting room), just help yourself to as much as you can drink. 
  • For your comfort there are toilet facilities, including a toilet for the disabled, beside the reception lounge.
  • The Chapel is available for you to use.  We just ask that you respect the prayer times of the Augustinian Recollects. Arrangements for use of the Chapel can be made either on booking or on your arrival at the Centre.
  • 10% discount in our repository shop.


  • £8 per person - Sandwich lunch - sandwiches with crisps and fruit.
  • £10 per personFinger buffet - fresh assorted sandwiches, quiche, chicken goujons, mini pasties, oven roasted sausages, pizzas, etc.
  • £14 per person - 2 course knife & fork (main course and pudding)
  • £18 per person - 3 course knife & fork (starter, main course and pudding)

All our meals include a vegetarian option.

DISCOUNTS  (Full day weekend bookings)

  • 15% Charity discount for Diocesan official activities and special charitable organizations
  • 5% Loyalty discount (after five times with us)