Novena to Our Lady of Consolation

Dear Benefactor,

Thank you for your generous donation and petition for our Novena to Our Lady of Consolation. Your intentions will be included in our prayers during the Novena which begins on 26th August and concludes on her feast day, 4th September.

May Our Lady of Consolation intercede for you, your family and for all your intentions. May her maternal love and care support, comfort and console you and your family in the trials and sorrows of our life's pilgrimage. May Our Lady of Consolation bring hope and peace into your life.

Your sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Jose Romero OAR (Fr. Promoter)

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In moments of sorrow and trial the Christian people have frequently turned to Mary for comfort and assistance. The Augustinian devotion to Our Mother of Consolation is an expression of that confidence in Mary's presence and solace, who as Mother of Consolation she is particularly near to those in need of companionship and comfort.

Its origin among the Augustinians is directly tied to the life os Saints Monica and Augustine who are commonly depicted together with the figures of Mary and the Child Jesus in interpretations of the image. The other title of the devotion is Our Lady of the Cincture. According to tradition, Monica, immersed in sorrow because of the death of her husband and the waywardness of her son, was granted a vision of Mary and the Child Jesus, who sought to offer her comfort or consolation. Mary handed her a leather cincture which she asked Monica to wear as a continual reminder of her presence and thus, a visible sign of encouragement. From that moment Monica wore the cincture and, after his conversion, recommended it also to her son as an indication of Mary's abiding protection.